t h e C H I L D R E N ' s t h e a t r e c o m p a n y  - n e w y o r k c i t y
Founded in the spring of 2009, we are a producing collective founded and fueled by American Conservatory Theater MFA program graduates who do big plays on tiny budgets with an aim to challenge ourselves! and offer the New York independent theatre community fresh takes on inspiring plays, without fanfare or large spectacle.  
We  provide a place to to work that is process-driven and nurtures the creativityof the professional actor. We aim to capitalize on the unique training and working-shorthand that all ACT graduates possess as we make our plays.  

We call ourselves t h e CHILDREN's t h e a t r e c o m p a n y  because, like stumbling toddlers, we have fire in our eyes and an unabashed desire to move forward, though we may not do it with the grace of ballerinas. 

Very true : Our plays are not necessarily for kids.